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Control the cursor with your finger with the touchpad. Send text to your TV with the iOS keyboard, e. It's downloaded by over 6 million of users: Channels sync perfectly between iPhone and iPad. Excellent developer support. Works much more quickly than factory remote and lets me use the keyboard on my smart tv so I dont have to scroll thru letters when navigating my tv. For more info, see our manual at https: You can easily become a Premium user by a one-time purchase. This is the last version that supports iOS 9. The next update will require iOS This means that we have provided at least 3 years of active support to the following devices after they were removed from sale between and Questions or suggestions?

Send an email to: This is my communication with their support member: So the only fact in this situation is that I wasted several hours of my time trying to get your app functioning that clearly could have been avoided if you only would have provided the information that you clearly have knowledge of. So perhaps is a fair assumption. My time is valuable so perhaps you should consider reimbursing me and the million other dissatisfied users as well who got nothing out of this but a headache.

A simple one like disclaimer would have saved millions of folks like me from attempting to accomplish the impossible. This is no way to do business!!!! Dear Joseph Fanarof, Venting your frustration to our email Customer Support wasn't clearly enough, as you decided to repeat it in public.

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Besides from the exaggerations and false accusations, we could use your feedback to improve myTifi for the next update. The information in the popup will be extended, to show that the original TV remote is required to approve the Samsung security request. It will also explain how to do this by using the few buttons on the TV itself, in case there is no original TV remote.

You Can Now Mirror Your iPhone Directly To A Samsung TV With AirBeamTV's New App

This has helped all our customers who didn't have the remote. Instead of the "millions of folks" that you mentioned, it were maybe Exaggerating, making assumptions and blaming others seem to be your way of communicating. If your time would have been so valuable, why would you have ever spend "several hours" on something minor? You could have sent us an email right away. As you have experienced, you got a friendly response from us within just half an hour.

Screen Mirroring iPhone to Samsung TV (Wirelessly) - 2018

That's how we do business; we provide Customer Support for a free product and use feedback to improve it. But you didn't want our help anymore, you wanted a reimbursement of a free app and found us a great target to focus your anger on. The result? You lost even more time, got more frustrated and still can't control your TV. With kind regards, Martijn. This is by far one of the best apps I have come across for replacing my Samsung tv remote. The original remote that came with tv is very hard to use.

Unlike most tv remotes With the MyTifi remote, this eliminates the hassle of these issues. I also love the feature of the mousepad when using the internet through tv. It makes it so much more easier to use. It even brings up a keyboard to type in for searching, which saves so much time. Way better than the one letter at a time, that is normally entered with a regular remote. And if you are an Apple Watch owner, it gets even better, as you can control every function from the wrist.

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  • The layout for Watch is very well laid out and simple to use. Love controlling the channels, volume, searching, etc from the watch. There are so many features and choices for this app that you can not go wrong with it. Not to mention I love this app! I can see just fine. But OMG! You'll be prompted on the TV if you want to allow your phone to connect to the TV.

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    Select Allow on your TV. This will activate the Smart View function on your TV and connect it to your phone. Tap a TV app on your phone. Once connected, you'll see a list of all the TV apps that are currently installed on your smart TV. You can tap any app to launch it on the TV. This may also open additional controls within the app on your phone where you can choose additional options. Tap the Remote icon. It's the icon that looks like a TV remote in the bottom-right corner of the app. In the Smart View app, swipe the TV apps in the top row to the left. Swipe the apps in the top row to the left until you get to the far-right.

    Here you can see a list of all the photos, videos, and music files that can be played on your Samsung TV. Select a photo, video, or song to play.

    Play media from a phone to a Samsung TV

    Tap the thumbnail image of any photo, video, or music file and it will start playing on your TV automatically. Tap the back arrow icon to return to the main menu. It's the U-turn arrow icon in the top-right corner of the Smart View app. You can also tap the remote button to control the TV directly at any time. Open the app you want to cast on your iPhone or iPad. If an app has the ability to cast media, such as photos and video, then you can cast it to your Smart TV. Streaming apps, such as Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. Select your Samsung Smart TV from the list.

    Select something to play. In the app, select a song or video to start streaming it on the TV. For example, if you connected the YouTube app, when you tap a video it will play on the TV instead of the iPhone or iPad. Use the playback controls in the app directly to control the video on the TV. You can open other apps and use your phone normally while the video is streaming on the TV.

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