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Not only that, but it has no way of alerting you when you've taken the wrong bus. It says "Unplanned Detour" which is really inconvenient for someone new to public transport who doesn't know the stops for other buses. You'll believe you're on the right bus and there IS a detour, maybe because the stops are correct up until a certain point when really the app just can't track you because you're obviously not on the route of the bus you were supposed to take.

Please find a way to fix this.

I don't know if you could make some sort of route recognition that would know if you've taken an actual detour or if you're simply on the wrong bus. On top of that, it gave me an estimated arrival at my destination, changed to a half hour later. Why on earth would there be an estimated arrival for that, if the bus is never getting there in the first place? App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Year of the monkey. Year of the rooster. Year of the dog. Year of the bug fix. Say goodbye to those mysterious app crashes well hopefully, you never even had to say hello.

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Some things never go out of style. Leather jackets. Frequencies in the trip planner? Being able to quickly tell in the trip planner: Forever in style. Even better? Next up? Did you pan away from your current location on the map? Just tap the arrow to re-center the map, back to your location. Finding yourself, as a fulfilled human being?

Ambiguous as ever! Did you and Kumar take the late bus to White Castle?

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All that, plus some polish, tinkerings, and bug fixes. What would a release note be without asking for five stars? Somethings never go out of style. Bing bang boom.

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  • 6 Transit and Navigation Apps You Should Try!
  • If you plan a trip from an outer neighbourhood to downtown—and crosstown traffic is killer! And if you live in a transit desert, where a ridehail to the station can avoid a needlessly long drive? Just like Rafiki. But this is only the first step for our multi-modal trip planner. Support for more modes bikes, scooters, buses in more cities and even better trip suggestions are on the way. You can now buy transit passes from your phone. With Transit! Catharines, ON. Other cities, soon. Tweet your local transit agency people: No cat GIFs this time.

    Maybe tweet us one yourself? Visit transitapp. Your recent order on Amazon. We would like to thank you for your recent purchase: Estimated delivery time for this item is weeks. To apologize for the wait, we would like to offer you a complimentary item: Rate us five stars for providing you with a successful and bug-free retail experience. The fall. Why did nobody fall for that joke? It was bad. Siri Shortcuts. Lil UI tweaks. But in a plot twist worthy of George R. Martin, connecting lines made their comeback in Transit 5. Not without a few hiccups, though: Those treacherous bugs have since tasted swift and merciless justice.

    Which NYC Subway App is Best? | Free Tours by Foot

    Long live connecting lines! More fixes include: Hands full? No hands required, thanks to our recently introduced support of Siri Shortcuts. You can plan a trip, get departure times, all that and more, just by recording a voice trigger. Were your Siri Shortcuts were getting cut short? We moved around some pixels to achieve slightly better App Feng Shui.

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    • Let us know transitapp on Twitter if you find any others. Moovit adds another, less common feature: As with Transit App, Citymapper is integrated with Uber. Hate the extra minutes that picking the wrong train car adds to your commute? Exit Strategy is here to help. When you enter your destination into the app, it tells you exactly where you should be on the train from which car you should enter down to on which side of the car you should stand , so you can be as close to your desired exit as possible. The app also features official MTA subway and bus maps, as well as a comprehensive map of Manhattan.

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      Which NYC Subway App is Best?

      New Releases. Add to Wishlist. Everything you need to commute in New York City packed into a single transit app: New York Subway is the world's biggest with train stations, combined with MTA Bus network covering all 5 NYC boroughs, using mass transit with its frequent status changes, delays and alerts can be a challenge to say the least. On Time, Every Time! Includes official support and integration of: Covers all modes of public transportation in NYC! Alert Notifications "Know before you go" with automatic delay alert notifications! Receive automatic notifications when your commute is effected.

      Misc Subway transfers for all NYC train stations.

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