Best final fantasy type game for ipad

Turn-based battles, melodrama, interesting characters, a plot that has a start and a finish, and things like that. As odd as it may seem, these games do not have to be from Japan. This is not the final word, and your list can be and probably is different. One caveat: Adventure To Fate: Quest to the Future is the latest, and perhaps the last, entry in the series and is the most sophisticated of the bunch from a design standpoint.

Personally, my favorite of the lot is Asdivine Hearts.

Top 25 best RPGs for iPhone and iPad

In those days, their flagship mobile-original series was Chaos Rings. It certainly appears to be the highest-budget. Some people will say it is the best.

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It probably could use an update. You need more? A post-apocalyptic future. Time-traveling ships. Cool combos. Great art. A karaoke-singing battle robot. The hero, Ogden, is an over-the-hill hero who sets out on one more adventure. The iOS version sports the 3D makeover and voice acting implemented in the DS version, and whether you play on your phone or iPad, the game looks great. Colorful and detailed characters, a sweeping soundtrack and a story that broke the mold for role-playing games make this one a must have for the iOS.

If Final Fantasy IV is notable for being the first to tell a nuanced story, Final Fantasy VI is the game that took all those lessons and built a masterpiece. Rising above the tropes that had come to dominate the genre, Final Fantasy VI is a sweeping epic of war, religion and destiny. If any Final Fantasy is deserving of being considered literary in nature, VI is the strongest contender. In bringing this wonderful game to iOS, Square Enix attempted to update the graphics from the original SNES version, a controversial move that many would argue hinders the experience.

But if you can stomach the changes, Final Fantasy VI is sure to enchant. That remake is now available on the iTunes store, and is worthy of recognition, even if the game represents a step down from the narrative aspirations of IV and VI. As the game progresses, you are able to change the classes of your four heroes from series icons like white and red mages to warriors, thieves and much, much more.

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Final Fantasy Tactics: Though Tactics went through a troublesome release on iOS, the game is in better shape than ever and a must have for those looking to sink their teeth into an enticing adventure that can absorb hundreds of hours. Doubling down on military and political themes, Tactics is the deepest RPG on this list, but buyer beware: The touch controls can be finicky, and you would be best served by playing along with a guide due to some wrinkles in the gameplay that can lead to serious frustration.

Regardless, Final Fantasy Tactics is a worthy investment for those wanting extra depth and strategy. Did you love The Elder Scrolls: Have you played Skyrim for hours and hours on end?

The 24 Best RPGs for the iPad

If you answered yes to either of those questions, Ravensword: Shadowlands is the game for you. Built with the same skill-based class system and open sandbox design, Ravensword: Shadowlands is a gorgeous game with beautiful landscapes and plenty of baddies to mow down on your way to see those scenic views. If Sword of Fargoal Legends rings a bell in your memory bank, there's a reason.

First released for the Commodore 64 back in , the game sports a new look on the iPad, but don't think its graphics have strayed too much from its illustrious past. It still has that retro-game appeal.

As a Rogue-like RPG. Sword of Fargoal Legends features random dungeon generation, which means each time you play through the game you'll get something different. And you'll have plenty of hack-n-slash fun on your way down the depths of the dungeon in search of the Sword of Fargoal. Order and Chaos Online is Gameloft's attempt to clone World of Warcraft to the iPad, and by all accounts, they've done a pretty good job of it.

Best iOS RPG Games

The game is based on a faction system that pits humans and elves against orcs and undead and has over quests for players to complete. And in true massively multiplayer RPG fashion, players can join guilds, trade loot and even duel each other. We can't decide if H.


If you want a large dose of humor to go along with your game, this is it. What do you get when you combine a game book with a tabletop board game and mix in turn-based combat? Steve Jackson's Sorcery brought into the 21st century. Steve Jackson is a legend from the pen-and-paper role-playing game days, so it is no surprise one of his games gets a nod on this list.

The Best RPGs for the iPad

You can freely adventure in the city, exploring areas and engaging in turn-based fights, cast spells and overcome traps. This unique game will be addicting both to those who love the strategy aspects of RPGs and those who love the story aspects. If the idea of an action-RPG and a tower defense game being put into a blender and turned into a single application makes your mouth water, Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is the game for you. The game features everything you would expect in one of the best RPGs on the iPad: But it combines these addictive qualities with the strategy of a tower defense game to create a great hybrid.

You also won't be taking on the hordes of baddies alone. Dungeon Defenders: First Wave features both co-op multiplayer modes and player-vs-player modes.

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This port of the "re-imagining" of The Bard's Tale is a fun enough adventure on the iPad, but the best part might be the bonus games included with your purchase. The Bard's Tale includes the original trilogy along with the remake, so you can travel to Skara Brae and help save the town from Mangar the Dark. The genre of first-person role-playing games with turn-based combat brings back a memory of The Bard's Tale and Might and Magic. It does a great job of creating that retro style, including a playable card game at inns and plenty of readable books scattered around the world. If you are looking for a role-playing game with an infinite amount of replayability, Pocket RPG is your game.

The action-based RPG belongs to the rogue-like category of games, which feature randomly generated dungeons in order to create a new adventure each time the game is played. The game includes three different classes to master along with a horde of loot and fun boss battles. It was a runaway hit when it debuted in July and is easily one of the top RPGs released this year. And while most of these are well represented in the app store, with even a number of different rogue-like games for those who really like to go old school, the classic CRPG from the 80s and early 90s—games like The TSR Gold Box series and Ultima—don't have quite as many imitators for iPad owners.

The emphasis here is on epic role-playing with a world-saving quest, a lengthy story and classic turn-based battles that rely as much on your use of tactics as they do your ability to tap the screen repeatedly.

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Best final fantasy type game for ipad

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