Battery draining fast on ios 9

I reset my phone, calibrated battery, did a hard-reset and enabled the following in settings:. Posted on Mar 25, 8: Battery management apps provide information on what tasks are using how much battery, but it never tells you how much the BatteryLife app itself is using, right?

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If you want, you can try deleting that app to see if anything changes. A screenshot with the usage times included can help analyze your data, like the one below. Posted on Mar 25, 6: Page content loaded. Mar 25, 6: Apr 9, 7: Battery drain issue iPhone 4S - iOS 9. The reason behind this is that Apple has introduced a lot of changes in its settings and the overall layout that might hinder iOS 8 users from working on the fix.

The first thing that you need to do after noticing severe battery drains is looking into your apps. Third-party apps hog your resources that might result in a bad battery situation. This page will display all usage patterns of your battery, including the time span.

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How To Fix iOS 9 Battery Drainage Issues

The app with the most percentage loss will adhere to your decision. However, if you use it normally, your battery life might improve by several hours. Rebooting your device is all an iOS device needs sometimes. In case of bad battery life, perform a hard reboot on your device by pressing down on the Power and Home button simultaneously for at least 7 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

iPhone 5 iOS 9.3.3 Battery Test!

After some time, your device will be rebooted. Observe the battery life trend after the reboot. This technique has been passed down for a long time and it will refrain your battery from draining quickly. Location services take away a huge portion of your battery life, turning it off would eventually make room to spare. My iPhone 5c keeps eating my battery very fast when I exit my games or social media and its been like this since last year.

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What can I do? I found something that helped. Quick background: Same problem as all of you and I purchased my 6 the day it came out.

Was fine until ios9. Within minutes the battery would drop to 20 then 10 then 2 or shut off. When I plug it in to charge the battery immediately jumps even higher than when I left. I assumed it had something to do with the cellular signal or a background system function that relies on cellular data, so I did some digging. All of these seem important but they are just ways the iPhone tries to collect and use accurate GPS data.

This has worked perfectly so far. Will experiment with turning back LTE after a hard reboot with these settings and another full battery charge cycle. Thanks to all for this thread. I bought my first Apple, an iPad mini, after an android upgrade slowed down my Nexus 7 to barely usable. Heard the same from many unhappy Android users. I love the size of the mini. Still small enough to hold in one hand, but more generous than a typical 7. I vaguely noticed battery life does not seem quite as incredible as when I first got it, a year ago now, but never considered upgrades were to blame, rather than age.

Upgrading to 8 had fixed a connectivity issue. Reading help lines suggested always running the latest OS, so when 9 came along I did not even blink. I shall resist upgrades from here on. Planned obsolescence indeed! Location services clearly use battery so I leave the entire feature off because, frankly battery life is the most important feature of any phone.

My phone literally drains after charging. Hello Apple please fix it!. Why is it like that? Ios 9.

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Just all of a sudden, out of the blue, two weeks ago the battery started draining like crazy. Location services off except for Maps. Screen brightness is all the way down. I tried factory resetting it as a brand new phone.

There is a Battery Drain Issue in iOS 9 Beta Version

If anyone is still having these problems you may just need to buy a portable chrager, I just bought one for my girlfriend that she loves and its also a compact mirror with an LED light. Is it possible the maps ap is draining my battery—having updated to IOS9. I did all these things plus more. My battery is still draining within three hours. Okay I did the upgrade a while back and I tried all the other things but my battery is still draining super fast.

I can use my phone for an hour max and then I have to charge it. Try using a battery case for your iphone. It will charge it when u ran out of battery. Might be useful since theres no solution to the battery drains. Obviously Apple stopped having new ideas for their iPhone. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Draining too Fast? Enter your email address below: Posted by: September 21, at 9: Makos says: October 22, at UglyStuff says: September 21, at October 12, at 7: Paul says: Rob says: September 22, at 1: AndroidSsie says: Miguel says: Om says: Sean says: September 29, at Ron says: September 21, at 1: September 21, at 6: Rich says: September 21, at 2: Tim Warburton says: Sam Axe says: September 21, at 3: InTheory says: Wharf Xanadu says: Eustace P.

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battery draining fast on ios 9 Battery draining fast on ios 9
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battery draining fast on ios 9 Battery draining fast on ios 9
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Battery draining fast on ios 9

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