Firmware sony xperia sp 4.1.2

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The problem disappears when you touch the aluminium band around the phone. I have a feeling this is some kind of electo-static thingy. It may just work.

Download Firmware Sony Xperia SP - C - Android

With regard to the weak wi-fi reception, i havent checked as yet if this has been addressed. I got update and I realize that the swipe mode, face unlock and none option in security section are disabled. Though we are warning you that many users have reported to us about that issue. Got the update but while updating via PC companion, it is not working. On reaching the stage of update, it powers off the phone and then shows message to power on by holding Volume down button and while doing so green light glows and shows charging symbol.

Nothing happens afterwards. Yup it happened with us too.. I am experiencing the same problem. Pardon me but what is SUS, i am not that tech savy. After update it seems battery discharging rapidly. Stamina mode still gives wi-fi notifications of apps like facebook, gtalk, whatsapp while not using the mobile. Yes, the update is good.

Xperia SP C5302/C5303 Android 4.1.2 12.0.A.2.245 firmware Update Rolled

I noticed that, 1 When you pull down the notification panel, the background become darker 2 The blacks on the display are better now, earlier they were looked merely like dark greys. Also, when I play sounds from my phone, eg. On our home wifi, our xsp works perfect in 10m radius…never came across this wi-fi issue you reported… Let me check this issue….

Noticed that my reception seems to drop low or disconnect altogether since the update. Requires a restart or turn on flight mode and off again. Hi guys. Can you please upload some pictures taken from the camera of sp with its best settings possible after the camera improvement? My email is [ noted ]. I was excited about the new. But my SP upgraded to. But everytime I connect it to PC it gives the notification of.

And while installing PC Companon I overlooked the location thing. It mistakenly installed US version instead of Indian version. Now what the heck I can doo..?? I doubt your info as: It is merely not in usa. Hahaha i am not writing all countries list who have got the update. Better brush up your facts. On my x sp, after the above OTA update, my phone is heating up noticeably more and phone seems to take more time to charge and drains faster?? Has anyone else faced this at all?

Thanks Vk. Hi, Another 24 hours later, my phone seeMs to have settled down and the battery heating problem is better. WiFi issue is the same. Range less than 4 meters. Camera has improved in low light.

Android 4.1.2 Firmware Update Available For Sony Xperia SP

I bought a new sp two days before and now i am facing problems with light effects, i am getting lights on call,photos and music. I bought new SP c on yesterday. But i set date and time correctly. Planning to buy a Xperia SP……….. Lot of complaints Read in various forums that the phone has low Wi-Fi range and frequently drops Wi-Fi connections….

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Is it true?? Is it worth buying the phone?

Xperia SP C5302/C5303 Android 4.1.2 12.0.A.2.245 firmware update

And will it get a 4. I have recently updated my phone with new update. I had taken back up before updation. When I have restored my data i got every thing back except my contacts. I tried again, again and again but all in vain.

Please Suggest how can i take my contacts back. I still have back up file in my laptop. Click here to cancel reply. Xperia SP. Features to look into when buying a gaming gadget. Budget Smartphone Sony Xperia L1 launched with 5. Galaxy S6 edge Android 7. Moto Z Play Droid Android 7. Nexus 6P Android 7.

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Must Read: Xperia SP Android 4. About the Author. Anurag Kumar. Mike August 12, at Marco January 23, at Ruben August 14, at Is there any change in the camera.. It had very poor lowlight images. How does it look now? Rko August 12, at Arun August 12, at Seema August 13, at Prretam August 13, at Mallika August 13, at Aftab August 14, at 8: Johnny January 18, at 9: Amir August 13, at 6: I have rooted my xsp.

Anurag Kumar August 13, at 6: The guide below is just for those people and they should have their root privileges back in no time. You should be presented with two options: Enable USB Debugging on your device. Enable installation of non-Market applications. Connect your device to your Windows PC. At this point, ensure that the Flashtool is not running; if it is running, exit it and check the task manager for any other instances of it running and end them.

Reboot your device and check that the SuperSU app is installed on your device. If it is, you are now rooted! It rooted my phone successfully but after this , my phone keeps powering on when I plug it in while the power is off. This is preventing me to unlock my bootloader. Pls help.

Vishal, yes it will but you can always unroot using the same DoomLord tool and get it back to stock. Run the same Doomlord tool and you see usually should see the option to Unroot also, check and tell me if this is not the case Vishal! After step III. Posted by Dax Krishna. Saturday, August 31st, Contents I.

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