Google calendar sync iphone issues

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I believe that the reason I had to delete and re-add my account was because I had previously added my Gmail account by selecting the Exchange option instead of the Google option when identifying what type of account I would be adding. I did this to enable Push for my Gmail account. Apparently it came at the expense of my calendars syncing fully.

Google disabled Google Sync, which was the service that allowed you to use Exchange for Google's email addresses and have proper push email. If you try and re-add your Gmail as an Exchange account now it will fail. It's definitely possible that this was to blame, but I personally only experienced the problem after I'd switched from using the push-friendly Exchange method of doing things.

I had to delete my account and reinstall it, but then everything was good. Thank yu for the very detailed article! Thanks to Scotts , I think a solution has been found for those running goggle apps only. The link is https: Fingers remain crossed! Using the Exchange method of adding a Google account relies on the outdated Google Sync platform which has been dropped. It's the reason you can't get proper push email on your phone any more Personally I've had no requirement to do this with a Google Apps account for this very website , I added it as a Google account and had to select the services to sync using Google's elusive preferences.

I have a problem not descried above. Entries in Google calendar show on my iphone, but new entries created on my iphone don't show up on Google. Same problem here, and got it resolved like this: So by this point I was very frustrated I deleted all accounts for mail and calendars on my iphone and then gave those that I actually use.

My bad but to this day i do not know what is that google exchange: On my iPhone 6 which I set up as a new device when I got it about a month ago all Google services worked fine until recently when I noticed that neither the changes I did in google. My e-mail however continues to work fine on this device. I literally tried everything you suggest and now my Google calendars aren't even showing up in the Calendar app anymore, nor are my Google contacts showing up in the Contacts app.

I have the calen mob app installed in my Iphone 4s that our boss wants us to use at work. It recently began not syncing when I open so no new events show up. I get a message on startup to retry using the correct e-mail and password. I went to settings and re-entered and I get a message that my verification failed.

I can log on from my desktop and the calendar works and my Samsung tablet app works as well. Any ideas? If so you will need to create an application-specific password by logging into your Google account and going to the Security section. Aside from that it could be something to do with the app itself, by the sounds of it. The advice in the article is for Apple's in-built Calendar app. Deleted and re-added 3 times, calendars is checked, it is a shared calendar that I have permission to view, I found the hidden sync settings, and they do show up on the Google account from a web browser.

Have you deleted the account and re-added it? Did you check the Calendars option? Are they shared calendars for which you have permission to view them? Did you find Google's hidden Calendar Sync settings? Thanks Tim, that Synch Settings page did the trick. Appreciate the time you spent here; saved me my saturday morning. Now back to cartoons. Hi Sarah, really glad this helped.

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I'm rather surprised we're still having people looking for solutions to this issue to be honest Thanks very much - worked a treat, and I didn't know about two-step verification. Hmmm no I personally don't sync Google Contacts because Gmail adds every email address, and allowing it turns my contact list into a rather large mess. For what it's worth I don't think there's a sync settings page for contacts, and I never saw anything while trawling through docs for this article!

Glad it was helpful! I too had a small victory moment when it all started working for the first time in months ;. This was very helpful, and solved my calendar problem. I had to use "more drastic measures" and it did the trick. In trying to troubleshoot an issue with duplicate calendar entries I deleted my accounts on an iphone 5c with ios 7. When re-added the accounts, the email works but, the calendars do not appear anymore when I open the calendar app and tap "calendars".

Fix sync problems with the Google Calendar app - Android - Calendar Help

They were all there before. I have calendars selected for visibility on the iphone and all mailboxes were selected on the sync settings in a Chrome mobile browser window on the phone. I have also powered the phone off and back on again. Hmmm that's odd Ken. Just to reiterate, the link is: Failing that Are these shared Calendars? Are you using a Google Apps account? Is it possible the domain administrator hasn't enabled mobile sync? It seems there can be a long lag of perhaps days. I gave up after the second day of tinkering with it. FYI it is a standard google account.

I believe all your instructions are correct. I have seen a comment on other site that said it can take "awhile" to work. I wouldn't have thought that it could take days though. Thanks for letting us know Ken, I thought you might have stumbled on another Google Sync issue we'd have to figure out for a bit there! I'm pretty surprised that this continues to be an issue! I thought Google might have fixed it by now, seeing as there are a few blog posts out there highlighting the issue. Thanks to you I found my calender, at last!

One other thing to do on the iPhone is consider getting an app from the iTunes store called Calendars 5.

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I think it is superior to the calendar on the iPhone, was a snap to set up, and has thusfar in two years been bullet proof. We love that app, and it's definitely a good contender if you're a little disappointed by Apple's calendar. Here's our review: I was never able to find that either. Thanks so much for that! I simultaneously kicked myself and cursed Google when I found it, glad the article helped you out. How do you navigate to the sync settings webpage through the calendar website, without using that link?

My iPad has been wrecked through all the ios8 updates. Apple finally replaced it and now my google or any other calendar will not load. Even Apple can't answer why. It's turned on and set up properly many times lol , however when you go into the calendar itself, no calendars show up other than the default birthday, holiday and the iCloud calendar. The account is setting up right because notes and emails work perfectly. Just putting this out there because many times "we" figure out things before they do.

Top Deals. Try These Fixes. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Yep, that second step was the solution. It worked indeed. Step 2 was the key. Hi Stacey - did you ever resolve this? I have the exact same problem? HI Jeremy, Sadly no. Hi Stephanie, I'm having some trouble working out which bit isn't working properly for you, do you mean that if you create an event on your iPad that it won't show up on your Google Calendar?

I was fighting this for a while, looking for third party calendars, etc. For me the fix was to enable the sync settings through the web UI. Hi Charlie, I'm pretty sure I know where the problem is. I think there's an option to select a calendar when you add events too.

iOS Not Syncing All Google Calendars to iPhone?

Hope this helps! Thanks so much for making my like so much easier. Your suggestion was spot on. Awesome, I'm glad it helped you out. I have had this problem myself in the past: I just updated iOS Happy Thanksgiving! I had the same issue as you did, push sync setting! It solved it, ty for sharing! Great stuff. Mine was the cellular data being Off for Calendar too. I had to reboot the phone Iphone 6s and it showed up. Before I tried that, I tried installing the latest iOS update to 9.

This worked for me The sync settings page worked!!! Thanks so very much for the wonderful instructions. Apple calendar sync with google but Google doesn't sync with apple. Thanks for the info Tim! Yes, the Google sync setting step solved it for me too. Sync setting for device was the issue! Followed ALL the steps and still no google calendar This solved the non-syncing issue for me.

Thanks, bruh. By option 4, I just meant the "Drastic Measures. I have exactly the same problem. Did you find a fix? The Google Calendar sync settings worked for me. Thanks for this post. The third option helped! Hi Marlen, That is possibly due to the fact that your daughter has only one calendar synced to the device. Hi Marlen, Glad the article helped you out! Hope this helps, it's a shame there's no quicker way. Thanks so much for the help. Thank you!!

The third tip solved it instantly, very grateful You Freaking Rock! Have you tried sharing them from desktop anyway? Did that work? Did you remove your account from your iPhone and re-add it? Sometimes that works! This resolved my issue.

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  • Great article. Really glad it could help you out, somewhat stunned it's still giving so many people issues! We had this same issue: Tried the usual suspects: Deleting and then adding back in the google accounts in settings. If you're not connected, make sure that data or Wi-Fi is on, and that you're not in Airplane mode. To check that you're using the Google Calendar app, make sure the app's icon looks like this: When you create an event, check which calendar it's being added to.

    If it isn't being added to the Events calendar, you may not see it in the Google Calendar app or at calendar. Try the steps above first. If they didn't work, read through these instructions on your computer while you try the steps on your device. When you have an app open and tap the Home button, the app is closed but it doesn't actually quit. To fully quit the app and not just close it , double tap the home button at the bottom of your phone, then swipe the Calendar app away. If you're trying to see your Google Calendar events in another program, like Apple Calendar or Outlook, the instructions for syncing are different.

    You can back up calendars to other calendar services, like Google, Outlook. The computer is the best place to store calendars. How to backup calendars on iPhone? It can help you export calendars from iPhone to computer. AnyTrans for iOS is said to be the best tool to backup iPhone calendar because:. AnyTrans for iOS can scan calendar contents from iPhone and then allows you to selectively transfer or transfer all calendar data in one go.

    AnyTrans for iOS can also help you backup other iOS contents to the computer, like contacts , messages. AnyTrans for iOS is safe and secure.

    How to Get My iPhone to Sync With Outlook Calendar & Contacts? : Tech Yeah!

    AnyTrans for iOS is developed by an Apple certificated developer. You have our guarantee that while using it, no accidents like data loss or information leakage would occur. Free Download. With above 4 troubleshooting tips, you can easily fix Google calendar not syncing with iPhone issues. Member of iMobie team, an Apple fan as well as an anime lover.

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