Iphone 5 flappy bird sale

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A third shift? As of this moment, at least two major changes have hit Flappy Bird since its creation. The death of Flappy Bird might've also led to a third shift: The buzz surrounding the game remains high, and its developer now has a newfound air of mystery that continues to generate headlines.

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  • 'Flappy Bird phones' on sale on eBay from $300 to $90,000.
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A future of many possibilities Dong Nguyen makes other games, and he has told reporters that he is thinking about a sequel to his hit app. For something developed in less than a week, that's one of the tech world's most significant accomplishments ever. Jake Mann has no position in any stocks mentioned. Try any of our Foolish newsletter services free for 30 days.

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iPhone 5 with Flappy Bird installed selling for $100,000 on eBay

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An iPhone 5s with Flappy Bird game installed was up for sale on eBay for $100K

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Let's conquer your financial goals together Whether this is all legit or a stunt is unclear at this point. Calls to eBay asking about validity of these bids were not returned on Monday. Before one of the highest-flying auctions were cancelled though, the seller identified as kristenator91 responded in an email to questions from MarketWatch:.

Iphones With Flappy Bird Selling For 94 000$ On Ebay

When someone bid one thousand I freaked out and then it went to seven thousand. Perhaps eBay is just taking down the bigger ones.

EBay cancels auction of $99, iPhone with Flappy Bird, seller says - Los Angeles Times

CNET News. Each time a player taps the screen, the bird moves upward. Some reports said that the games developer had gotten death threats. At the very least, responses to the tweet that is going away were a bit intense:.

iphone 5 flappy bird sale Iphone 5 flappy bird sale
iphone 5 flappy bird sale Iphone 5 flappy bird sale
iphone 5 flappy bird sale Iphone 5 flappy bird sale
iphone 5 flappy bird sale Iphone 5 flappy bird sale
iphone 5 flappy bird sale Iphone 5 flappy bird sale
iphone 5 flappy bird sale Iphone 5 flappy bird sale

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